Hello everyone, I have a Prefect 1.0 Question: In ...
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Hello everyone, I have a Prefect 1.0 Question: In this example from @Anna Geller https://github.com/anna-geller/packaging-prefect-flows/blob/master/flows/azure_kubernetes_run_custom_azure_image.py Why do we need to configure a storage in the first place, if we’re going to package our prefect flow and codebase in an image anyway (
)? I understand that the default storage is local and if we don’t set up a storage then our kubernetes agent can fail, but I just want to understand why we need storage in the first place when we have a
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Repost since I still didn’t get any reply 🙂
You can build one docker image to run multiple flow. Every time you dynamically run a task based on this docker, the docker can retrieve the specific flow. This separates the need to have a docker image for every flow for example. And everytime you update the flow, you don't need to rebuild the docker image in this case.