For launching an ECS instance via the `--cli-input...
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For launching an ECS instance via the
tag for cli, should there be an extra argument in the
file called
? There are two for
but if the agent itself needs a Role in AWS should that be specified or can it be included in the other variables?
Seemed to have figured it out. The policies for the agent need to be also included under the executionRoleArn tag!
Awesome glad to hear you got it sorted out 😄
@Mason Menges I do have another question if you don't mind me asking. After doing this I am getting a
prefect.utilities.exceptions.AuthorizationError: No agent API token provided.
Even though I am providing the
arguments in my json file. Unless this needs to be another argument?
Hey @John Mizerany What version of prefect are you running on? As a side note, it's generally better to post new questions in a new message rather than in an existing thread, you'll end up getting more eyes on it that way 😄 Not a huge problem by any stretch but it'll generally get answered quicker that way.
Sorry about that! I am using the docker image prefecthq/prefect:0.14.13-python3.8 and deploying to AWS ECS
@Mason Menges Figured out the issue! It seems that the docker image the docs are using is not compatible with `PREFECT__CLOUD__API_TOKEN`and instead it should be
. Just thought I would share this in case someone else had this issue! Thank you again for your help!
Fabulous, the Cloud Auth Tokens were depreciated when prefect 1.0 was released, I'm glad you were able to sort it out 😄
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