I'm back with another question, having a hard time...
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I'm back with another question, having a hard time finding anything in the docs or slack regarding this: Is there an equivalent to the old StartFlowRun or the newer create_flow_run in Prefect 2.0? Or some other way of having a flow run a subflow without knowing about it beforehand (since it's deployed in a separate docker container)?
You can also create_flow_run_from_deployment, but that's just a simpler version of create_flow_run I think. Why do you need another way?
According to the documentation, create_flow_run_from_deployment appears to be a part of the orion api.. Can I still run it from my client? I wasn't sure how this api is meant to be used, perhaps it'll do fine for my use case. I want my main flow to be able to run subflows without knowing about them beforehand, other than by name. Previously we used StartFlowRun for this, since the code was written before create_flow_run existed, but neither seem to be in Prefect 2, although similarly named functions exist, like the one you mentioned.
I think the function you mentioned should be just what I need. Thanks again, next time I should just ask you directly. 😉
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