Hi all, I have some questions/thoughts about the d...
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Hi all, I have some questions/thoughts about the deployment process with Prefect 2.0. (I am using Kubernetes jobs) After every change the deployment build has to be run to upload the files. But every time the yaml has to be edited again, e.g. changing the image. Is there a better way to do this and not manually? Maybe specifying a template for the build would solve this manual work. Or a CLI option to keep the content. Also all files are uploaded, like pycaches. There should be a ignore file to handle this, like gitignore. When files are moved inside the folder stucture underneath the manifest or renamed and the deployment is rebuilded, the old files are still in the storage. This can end up with duplicated files. Since just clearing the storage before rebuilding/uploading could crash current pulling deployments, I would think about a version folder between the path given in the storage block and the manifest-root. A 'build' would upload the files to the new version-folder and an 'apply' would switch to the new folder. Our Flows are all event triggered with parameters. How can I trigger a flow run with parameters? I would expect an option --parameters in 'deployment run'. In our current Prefect 1 setup I am using a state_handler to do some post processing after a failed flow (state_handlers=...). How would this look like in Orion? Should I implement a very last task in a flow to do this?
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I added this as a proposal but we'll see - you can comment on the PR to show why this would be important to you https://github.com/PrefectHQ/prefect/pull/6145