does anyone have an example of what CI/CD should l...
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does anyone have an example of what CI/CD should look like with prefect 2.0’s new deployments? and should i be committing deployment yamls and manifests to source control?
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Hey Chris!! Anna has some great examples of deployments in AWS and GCP here: These are great solutions for storing and referencing your deployment YAML files in AWS/GCP storage. We will have some content coming out soon related to setting up CI/CD with some best practices.
thanks @Rob Freedy! it’s not clear what a generic deployment process would look like.
prefect deployment build
is specific to a flow, and while it does create the deployment yaml and manifest, it also pushes code to remote storage, which is effectively a code deploy, making it available to active flows, so i wouldn’t want to do that pre-merge to main. which makes me think that committing the deployment yaml manifest and yaml is not a best practice.
We'll be releasing some generic recipes over the next couple of weeks to help clear this up:
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