Hello guys! I've just found out about prefect not ...
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Hello guys! I've just found out about prefect not long ago and currently it a top candidate for our data workflow and pipeline. While i was going through the documentation, it stated that prefect 2.0 is under active development and prefect 1.0 is recommended for production use. Since prefect was officailly released a couple of days ago and is now the default installing package for pip, is it still true that prefect 2.0 is not recommended for production use? Is there also a way to visualize my workflow like in prefect 1.0's
And also im really loving prefect and cannot wait to start working with it and exploring Thanks alot
I believe the recommendation has changed to "use Prefect 2.0". I don't know about visualize, maybe someone else does. 🙂
I believe so too, but it is not yet changed in the documentation
Since the GA release, Prefect 2.0 is no longer in beta status and is therefore ready for production. Prefect 1.0 is in maintenance mode, 2.0 is LTS
to get visualization, the easiest way would be to start in a sandbox/development env - run your flow there, see if everything looks good, and if it does, then write deployment and then you can ship it to e.g. prod env
Ok, great. Thank you very much
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and to add: you can easily switch between those environments using profiles:
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prefect profile use dev
python yourflow.py # see viz
prefect profile use prod
# build deployment
Thats a very useful feature, thanks alot again