I've spent a few days trying to get accustomed to ...
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I've spent a few days trying to get accustomed to 2.0 after running 1.0 for over a year and a half. It looks amazing so far! However, there are two things I'm still trying to wrap my head around: Docker containers and storage. I've been trying to learn as much as I can from the documentation and this slack workspace but it's still a bit unclear. Previously, we have been building each flow as its own docker container and we have never specified any sort of local/remote storage beyond setting flow.storage to Docker. I suppose this is no longer supported in 2.0? The impression I'm getting from reading the documentation and slack is that people generally build a few base images, upload it to their container registry (Azure, in our case) and then store the flow .py files themselves in a remote storage location. Is this correct? If so, since I'm using Azure, can I even move forward with the migration right now or do I have to wait for blob storage support? In case it makes a difference, we run our agents in VMs and we're primarily using the cloud versions of the web service, other than for local development.
I'm working with Azure too, and it feels very difficult with all this for now. I think they're having hard times due to Azure API...
I managed to make this work, although it's not really supported indeed. You can find the recipe here, feel free to ask if you have any questions 🙂
@Benjamin.bgx I agree, hopefully it'll get a bit easier once things settle. At least I don't seem to be the only one who's confused. @Mathijs Carlu Neat, thanks! I will give it a go now and report back.
Hey @Anna Geller, would it be possible to have some channel by cloud platform ?
@Mathijs Carlu Had to run for lunch, but now that I'm back and I've read your post it looks like it should do exactly what I want. Thanks again! 🤩
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@Benjamin.bgx we don't want to confuse users where to post, so everything goes to #prefect-community and you can define more info in your main message
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