Am I missing something or is it unclear how to set...
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Am I missing something or is it unclear how to set parameters for a flow run via the UI in prefect 2?
you can set parameters through the UI after creating a deployment for that flow. Have you tried that?
Hi @John - there’s a three dot menu you can click on in the deployment page that will give you the option to edit the deployment. This is useful feedback that the path is perhaps unclear.
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Sorry I'm on mobile but hopefully that helps.
Ah ok, thanks @Jenny, that's helpful. Is there a way to set them for ad-hoc runs like in Prefect 1?
There’s not at present. I guess your use case would be to override your default parameters for just one run? I encourage you to tell us a bit more about what you'd like to see (you can add here or open an issue in the Prefect repo) so we can consider it for future development.
Basically - if a job failed eg. two days ago, I want to re-run it ad hoc with two days ago's parameters (eg. something like a
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@John - a follow up here to say you should now be able to set parameters for ad hoc runs from the ui.
Amazing! I'll update to newest version and try it out. Thanks @Jenny!
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Looks great! Really cool. I think this is a nice experience
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