Hey all, I created a simple example showing how to...
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Hey all, I created a simple example showing how to deploy a Prefect agent to a docker on Google Cloud Compute Engine, using Github Actions. Flow stored in Google Cloud Storage. I had previously posted this when Prefect 2 was in beta, and just updated it for 2.0.1. https://github.com/BennyJW/prefect2-docker-gce
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regarding: "Google will keep copying new docker images to the machine;" - I wonder if you could leverage image_pull_policy to solve it?
@Anna Geller, yes you're right on those lines. It was just to confirm the connection to Prefect Cloud.
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This looks awesome! I’ll try it out @Benny Warlick
@Anna Geller I don't know about image_pull_policy. One alternative is the docker prune command. The problem is that when Google updates a Compute Engine with a new docker image, it doesn't delete the old images. So eventually your Compute Engine will fill up with old images. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/69246222/remove-old-containers-for-google-container-os
ahh you're right, since your tag is GITHUB_SHA 🤔
still, it seems a bit drastic measure to delete VM every time. Perhaps you can run some maintenance flow that does docker image prune as shell command?
Yes, and that would make the flow faster
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