Trying to deploy my flow and following 2.0 tutoria...
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Trying to deploy my flow and following 2.0 tutorial. Prefect deployment build won't run because there is no build command. Looking at prefect deployment - - help there is no such command. Using 2.0b6. What did I miss?
Building deployments was introduced in the 2.0 release the day before yesterday. You should update to 2.0.0, as flow deployments changed in comparison to the beta versions
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In 2.0b6 you can just do
prefect deployment create
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Running on raspberry seems to complicate things somewhat. Upgraded to 2.0.0, and finally got Orion to start after manually removing tables and indeces. But I get the same error when running a flow or trying to build deployment. It's a timeout error from line 46 in The function is run_and_fail_after.
Can you pass argument "seconds" when running flow to increase timeout?
I had problems too when upgrading from beta to 2.0.0, as some objects like block types were not created on api start up. I completely dropped the database and restarted the orion API. Maybe that's your problem too? It will definitely fail if it can't find the block type you're trying to use when building deployments
And for your second question, I think you are looking for this?