I’ve noticed that in Prefect 2 cloud UI, when crea...
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I’ve noticed that in Prefect 2 cloud UI, when creating a KubernetesJob, it is not possible to set
, is it going to be added in the upcoming releases?
Confirming that this is a bug. I'm sorry that its impacting you. Yes, this will be addressed in an upcoming release, most likely within the next two weeks.
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in the meantime you can create KubernetesJob via the python client or the deployment apply command
I know I can from python client, but I wonder how does it work via
deployment apply
, how does that work?
I mean, I can fill the config I want in the deployment, but that is not gonna create a new block on cloud, right?
it should work the other way around though, I mean, from an existing block I can create a deployment file
you can create a block via the client and still use that block in
deployment build
deployment apply
and it will work. It's only from the UI that you can't alter the image pull policy. Additionally, if you start from a blank template with
deployment build --infra kubernetes-job
you can set an image pull policy and that will create an "anonymous" block which currently can't be edited, although that is a roadmap item to revisit.
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