Hi All, I am using prefect server deployed on K8. ...
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Hi All, I am using prefect server deployed on K8. For creating environment when prefect flows are deployed on k8 pods,I am trying to use conda environment. what command does prefect agent run while starting a pod ? As we are getting
exit error 2, Instance terminated
on dashboard and on pod logs we are getting
No such command "execute"
can you try 2.0 instead, GA release is live! for self-hosting e.g. on K8s or elsewhere check out https://discourse.prefect.io/t/how-to-self-host-prefect-2-0-orchestration-layer-list-of-resources-to-get-started/952
hi @Anna Geller , I am using conda environment on pods and getting
exit error 2
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kubectl logs -f prefect-job-6dcdf34a-tsrs4 -n prefect
Usage: prefect [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...
Try 'prefect --help' for help.
╭─ Error ──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────╮
│ No such command 'execute'.
could you suggest any solution to this
perhaps try simpler first, starting in a virtual env before moving on to K8s? I highly highly recommend using 2.0 instead docs.prefect.io - 1.0 is in maintenance mode for existing users, you shouldn't start with 1.0 now