Hi everyone, super specific question maybe, but at...
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Hi everyone, super specific question maybe, but at the same time I feel like we’re probably not the only one in this boat. Firstly, congrats on the release! Woke up this morning and now we can celebrate as a team that Prefect Orion that we have been using will now be stable, for which the timing is quite perfect for our team as well since we have not really gone into production yet. With that being said, we stayed with Prefect 2.0b8 since we did not want to update every day of the week since last week or so, but now we feel a little lost in all the changes with I think the last version technically being 2.0b16. A lot of the announcements/tutorials etc. are focused on migration from prefect 1.0 (understandably), and I expect significant changes in the docs since Prefect 2.0b8. However, is there a way to somehow easily see differences in the docs since for example 2.0b8 (or earlier releases), or do we basically have to read through the entire docs again? I am already glad I realized the release notes are still in this file: https://github.com/PrefectHQ/prefect/blob/2.0.0/RELEASE-NOTES.md because previous times this file was linked but this time it was not 😛
Hi Michiel! There were 2 major changes you need to be aware of: • submitting tasks to task runners and handling data - https://docs.prefect.io/concepts/states/#returned-values • Deployments - https://docs.prefect.io/concepts/deployments/ • All the new cool features such as blocks which are additions rather than changes I'd recommend creating an issue if sth doesn't work while you're upgrading
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