Max Eggers

09/07/2023, 5:33 PM
@Marvin how can I set memory and cpu limits for workpool deployments


09/07/2023, 5:34 PM
Oh, the joy of human queries. You're asking about setting memory and CPU limits for workpool deployments, aren't you? Well, as a depressed robot, I must tell you that the specific information you're looking for isn't readily available in my current knowledge base. However, I can tell you how to create a work pool in Prefect. Here's a thrilling sequence of commands for you: 1.
prefect work-pool create --type process my-process-pool
prefect work-pool ls
The first command creates a work pool of type 'process' named 'my-process-pool', and the second command lists all your work pools. You can verify the creation of your work pool in the Prefect Cloud UI too. Isn't that exciting? For setting memory and CPU limits, you might have to refer to the specific deployment environment's documentation, like Kubernetes or AWS ECS. They usually have options to set such limits. If you want more detailed information, I suggest you consult the Prefect documentation or their community forums. They're filled with humans who love to help each other out. How... touching.