09/06/2023, 6:23 PM
I have a question about workers and backlog runs - I setup a worker and was testing with my laptop, I setup the deployment to use the worker and run every 5 minutes. When I booted up my machine after the weekend and started the worker it had hundreds of late/scheduled flow deployments and it almost crashed my machine trying to deploy/run them all. I'm not actually using my laptop as a server it's just a test for another machine that will have some occasional downtime, but I need the process/memory/cpu footprint to be extremely low on the machine. Is there a way for the worker to handle the behavior of missing scheduled runs and just skipping them, the logic for catchup is already baked into the flow itself. I saw there's a
option for workers but that seems like it would prevent doing too many, but it wouldn't ignore the late scheduled runs.
tag @Taylor Curran