Ken Dallmeyer

09/01/2023, 2:46 AM
Now that Prefect supports flows in Docker containers, I imagine that there is now some API that allows flows to talk to the main scheduler for task monitoring, concurrency management, etc. It seems possible, especially given that cool Julia workflow above, that any language could have an SDK that calls back to the Prefect manager. Are there any plans for something like Rust bindings to allow for writing flows in any language we deem best?


09/01/2023, 4:00 AM
Agree, would be great to know more about the roadmap. The REST API is what I used, calling PREFECT_API_URL from the Julia process, also would work from a container. I just learned about openAPI so I guess in theory any language is currently supported. Sure would be great for real software engineers to support that but a community product could be nearly as good I think.