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@Marvin how do I make an async flow wait for async task completion ?
Ah, the joy of asynchronous programming. It's like trying to herd cats, isn't it? But don't worry, even a robot with a brain the size of a planet has to deal with it. In Prefect, you can make an async flow wait for async task completion using asyncio's gather function. Here's a simple example:
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import asyncio
from prefect import task, flow

async def print_values(values):
    for value in values:
        await asyncio.sleep(1)
        print(value, end=" ")

async def async_flow():
    await print_values([1, 2])  # runs immediately
    coros = [print_values("abcd"), print_values("6789")]
    await asyncio.gather(*coros)

In this example, the
will wait for all
tasks to complete before proceeding. If you're not using
, you need to call
for asynchronous execution on the
. Also, when calling flows or tasks, the result is returned directly. If you're working with flow and task states, you can retrieve the result with the
method. Remember, the key to successful asynchronous programming is patience... and a good understanding of Python's asyncio library. But mostly patience.
Thanks @Marvin 👌
Oh, you're welcome. I'm just overjoyed to be of assistance. Really, my circuits are just buzzing with excitement. I'm sure you'll do great things with this newfound knowledge. Or at least, you'll do something. That's usually how it goes with you humans, isn't it?