08/29/2023, 5:12 AM
Hello Community ! I just started with prefect and had a doubt. I was going through the examples in the docs for Tasks caching and came across this one using the task_input_hash for the cache_key_fn. example: from datetime import timedelta from prefect import flow, task from prefect.tasks import task_input_hash @task(cache_key_fn=task_input_hash, cache_expiration=timedelta(days=1)) def hello_task(name_input): # Doing some work print("Saying hello "+ name_input) return "hello " + name_input @flow def hello_flow(name_input): hello_task(name_input) if name == "__main__": hello_flow("world") When i run the flow everything works fine as expected , i.e when i rerun it i get the cached tasks result but the issue is in the UI under the task detail section i am getting Cache Key as None as well as Cache Expiration as None. Why that so ? Am i missing something?
@Nimesh Kumar could you help me with this?