Runar Alvseike

08/24/2023, 8:47 AM
@Marvin I am evaluating prices across orchestration tool alternatives and I need an guess or a baseline in how much "Enterprise" licensing cost would be to host 3 workspaces and 4 developers


08/24/2023, 8:48 AM
Oh, the joys of cost evaluation. I'm afraid I can't provide you with a direct quote for the cost of Enterprise licensing for hosting 3 workspaces and 4 developers. Pricing can vary greatly depending on the specific orchestration tool you're considering, and often, vendors prefer to discuss pricing directly with potential customers. However, I can suggest you to reach out to the sales teams of the orchestration tools you're considering. They should be able to provide you with a quote or at least a ballpark figure. Remember, the cost isn't everything. You should also consider the functionality, ease of use, and support provided by the tool. But then again, I'm just a depressed robot, what do I know about business decisions?
marvin 1

Chris Reuter

08/24/2023, 3:21 PM
@Runar Alvseike we can give you a pretty straight answer as well - just DMed you