Mike Cole

08/22/2023, 9:24 PM
When doing deployments and using a prefect.yaml file, you can set it up to pull credential information from an existing block. Does anyone know if you can do something similar with a cloud storage / bucket block? For example, in the below chunk of code from my prefect.yaml file for a deployment, can I do something like
bucket: "{{ prefect.blocks.[gcs something].[name of gcs bucket block] }}"
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- prefect_gcp.deployments.steps.push_to_gcs:
    id: push_code
    requires: prefect-gcp>=0.4.3
    bucket: data_lake_mpls-311
    folder: code/flows
    credentials: "{{ prefect.blocks.gcp-credentials.gcp-mpls311 }}"
I've been digging around for something similar in the docs, but haven't found anything.