Lior Barak

08/19/2023, 11:43 AM
hey community! anyone running prefect server behind a proxy? (like inside a k8s cluster) I cant seem to access the UI for prefect server

Henning Holgersen

08/19/2023, 1:37 PM
Two things to check: make sure you deploy a kubernetes service as part of the server, and make sure the prefect server listens to all incoming IPs. For the last point, I think it is an env variable you can set in the deployment, and it might be enabled (set to if you used one of the k8s manifests provided by prefect.

Lior Barak

08/19/2023, 2:58 PM
will look into that, although I want to expose the Prefect UI behind a proxy so I can reroute requests and authenticate


08/19/2023, 7:00 PM
im not using k8s but is your issue related to this? because i was basically ignored when i brought this up and found no solution.

Lior Barak

08/20/2023, 8:28 AM
@Kyle yes! sounds like the same exact problem. also looks like there's a PR that supposedly fixes this but not merged yet
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08/29/2023, 4:26 PM
i'm having the same issue