Cristian Federiconi

08/11/2023, 10:08 AM
Hi all, I encountered an anomaly with prefect cloud, I would like to understand if I did something wrong in the deployment or simply there was a problem with the cloud cache or something like that? The strange thing was that after I updated the flow file that I was testing (pycharm + pytest ver7 + prefect 2.10.21) and re-launched the automatic tests they went wrong because, according to the logs, I had launched the flows with both the old parameters and the current ones. I added prints in the tests and printed the parameters passed to the flow, they were all correct, while checking from cloud interface, I also saw the old parameters (new + old parameters). I solved it by deleting the flow from web interface and redeploying it. Could you please tell me why this happened so that I can understand if I have to re-do this operation next times as well? Thank you in advance.