Guoying Qi

08/10/2023, 3:11 PM
Hi there. I upgraded our Prefect server from 2.6.7 to 2.11.3 today. Everything seems working fine. But the url is wrong in the Slack Notification message when the flow run fails. We have the right url for the 2.6.7 server. We have our server deployed using the latest version of Helm chart.
being used instead of our actual server. Prefect flow run notification Flow run gq2:mytest/zircon-unicorn entered state
at 2023-08-10T144323.760158+00:00. Flow ID: 5d66f33d-a102-4951-8ca0-8ed8affca139 Flow run ID: 38086e60-ced0-4ab9-9027-e36a4ee60d7b Flow run URL: http://ephemeral-prefect/api/flow-runs/flow-run/38086e60-ced0-4ab9-9027-e36a4ee60d7b State message: 1/1 states failed.
I found a solution now, you need to set 2 duplicated variables in the Helm chart.
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publicApiUrl: <http://prefect2>.*****/api
    - name: PREFECT_API_URL
      value: <http://prefect2>.******/api