Andreas Nord

08/09/2023, 7:55 AM
Hi! I am trying out the new serverless push with Azure Container Instance:, which would be very useful if it works. The deployment fails with this error in the prefect logs:
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Flow run could not be submitted to infrastructure: Timed out after 240.1479561328888s while watching waiting for container start.
Further investigating on Azure gives me this (not very useful) error message:
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Operation name
Create or update Container Group
Time stamp
Tue Aug 08 2023 20:28:52 GMT+0200 (Central European Summer Time)
Event initiated by
Error code
Encountered an internal server error. The tracking activity id is '6208853f-6cbd-4880-873d-595fbd58efb7', correlation id is '3fa5067a-40af-4c97-bc8c-05f368384a62'.
I've confirmed that the app has sufficient access to start container groups in this resource group. Does it matter what is specified in my Dockerfile and/or Prefect deployment that I am trying to run? To me it seems like the failure is before the container has been provisioned.
Creating a new resource group from scratch seems to have solved the initial issue.