08/02/2023, 1:50 AM
Can someone tell, why Prefect 2.0 over Airflow?


08/02/2023, 2:55 AM
i saw marvin already gave a decent answer - but to add my 2 cents • it's just easier to write in general, if you know a bit of python, you're ready to immediately get started with prefect 🙂 • incremental adoption - you can sprinkle in a flow here for retries, a block there for storing config for an external system without having to refactor your whole codebase to start using an orchestration / observability tool • events (if you're on prefect cloud) - events and automations are an extremely flexible way to chain dynamic / modular workflows in a way that, again, isnt disruptive to your existing codebase (e.g. throw a custom
in an
hook or just watch for a
event in an automation trigger) • it was built with airflow's pain points in mind just a couple of my thoughts - I'm sure other folks in here would have their own opinions!
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