Pedro Machado

07/26/2023, 8:54 PM
Hi there. How do you configure VS Code linting when writing Prefect flows? I'd like to be able to use type annotations. I am getting a few different errors that are distracting. Here are two examples:
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Secret.load("uko-user-id").get() # Cannot access member "get" for type "Coroutine[Any, Any, Unknown]"  Member "get" is unknown PylancereportGeneralTypeIssues
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with SnowflakeConnector.load("snowflake-block") as snowflake:  # Object of type "Coroutine[Any, Any, Unknown]" cannot be used with "with" because it does not implement __enter__ PylancereportGeneralTypeIssues
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Farhood Etaati

07/29/2023, 8:39 AM
I usually force the typehint when I'm loading the block, but it would be great if prefect could fix the typehinting result for block loading.
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snowflake: SnowflakeConnector
with SnowflakeConnector.load("snowflake-block") as snowflake: