07/25/2023, 11:11 AM
Hi all! I've got this error on two of five flow runs when running at once 5 instances of deployment using ECSTask Push work-pool:
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Flow run could not be submitted to infrastructure: An error occurred (ClientException) when calling the RegisterTaskDefinition operation: Too many concurrent attempts to create a new revision of the specified family.
When tried to re-launch the jobs, they've executed successfully. How to solve this issue? I know there are some issues with ECS Agent back in 2021: And ongoing issue with terraform: But I'm not sure how we can solve this on the ecstask push work-pool settings level

Jake Kaplan

07/25/2023, 12:01 PM
Hey! We are aware of this and working on a fix, I can let you know when it is live
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Hey apologies for the delay here, the fix for this should be live now! If you wouldn't mind giving it another shot and letting me know how it goes?