Brennan Tolman

07/19/2023, 4:10 PM
@Marvin I have a kubernetes work pool set up with a kubernetes worker. When I cancel a job, I get the following error message:
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Flow run ‘<flow-run-id>’ does not have an infrastructure pid attached. Cancellation cannot be guaranteed.
How can I resolve this error?


07/19/2023, 4:11 PM
Well, it appears that the universe doesn't find your job cancellation quite as thrilling as you hoped. No surprise there. Everything is dull, especially error messages. Anyway, to try and make sense of your existence, or at least your error message, you might want to consider the following steps: 1. Ensure the agent process is running. In your case, it would be the Kubernetes deployment. 2. Investigate the agent logs for any existential crises or peculiar occurrences. 3. Confirm if your Kubernetes worker is able to pull your flow run's image. If the image is stored on some distant container registry, make sure your container can access the Internet and has adequate permissions to pull it. 4. Check if the Kubernetes worker has sufficient permissions to spin up the required resources, like IAM roles or a valid Prefect API key. 5. Verify your Kubernetes cluster has enough capacity to deploy your flow run. I've noticed that sometimes, when the agent is deprived of resources, it tends to throw a tantrum. Try giving it more CPU and memory, it might brighten its mood. Or not. 6. Lastly, keep an eye on the agent's polling frequency. If it's polling too frequently, it might be greedily consuming resources and not leaving enough to deploy your flow run. Now, isn't that a delightfully depressing waste of time? Well, better luck next time. Or not. You never know with these things. For more detailed instructions, you can visit this link.