Tim Galvin

07/12/2023, 1:46 PM
Hi all. I feel like I am taking crazy pills. Lets say I am writing a package named
. All my functions make use of a logger constructed in
. All other functions in all other pythons use
from tool.logging import logger
, which seems to work great. Now I would like to keep my flows and tasks distinctly separate from my actual business logic in
. So, in my
python file I have something like
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from tool.calibrate import calibrate
from tool.image import image
from prefect import task, flow

task_calibrate = task(calibrate)
task_image = task(image)

def calibrate_image():
    img = '/test/data'
    cal = task_calibrate.sumbit(img)
    out = task_image(cal)
Each of my functions (
, and
) have a lot of
in them that I want to keep. So I was hoping I could use the
and all would be good. But now. I can see my
logs in prefect formatted logs written to disk, but I can not see them written to the server. Would anyone have any ideas, or other best practises where it comes to the logger and the server API logging handler?
And ultimately it was a silly Tim mistake setting the logger level to WARN.