Ronald Sam

07/12/2023, 12:58 AM
Encountering an issue where if I run the worker as another user it doesn't pick up my jobs anymore and they stay as Late, but if I start the worker with the original user it picks it up right away again. I didn't know windows user account plays a part in the worker-pool. If user account plays a part, anyway I can change the user that I want the worker pool to start under?


07/12/2023, 6:35 AM
When a flow status is
, it means agent or worker has not picked it up. I'd take a look at the logs emitted by the worker.

Christopher Boyd

07/12/2023, 11:51 AM
I know you can run Prefect as another user / service account (via systemd or the task scheduler in windows), but yea - if they are going into late, they aren’t being picked up. I’d make sure it runs “ok” first as the other user (could be permissions / directory / access?)

Ronald Sam

07/12/2023, 12:59 PM
I see, thank you, I'll take a look!
Just in case anyone else encounters this issue, a restart of the computer fixed the issue. Must've been a permission or access issue and after a restart it fixed itself? Anyways thanks for the help
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