07/11/2023, 10:19 PM
How have people navigated getting better at using Prefect? I've been working with the Prefect team for a few months but I still feel like anytime something comes up I have no idea how to do it. For example today I just want to create a simple flow that runs on a local server. The worker is a process type. It has a git clone pull step. I tried it threw me an error that I have no idea what it's coming from. The documentation didn't help, the api reference didn't help. Short of going to the source code, asking Marvin, or asking the account team how can I best go about problem solving and figuring things out? Granted* it is a beta feature. But figuring out how to do even simple things has been an obstacle. Where should I go to find examples?
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07/12/2023, 8:41 AM
With great effort, research and help from fellow community members. Prefect is great for common use cases but as soon as one deviates from the normal use cases prefect was designed for, you might not get exmaples easily on the net. I just dive into the code at times or just try out on my locally instantiated prefect server on postgres database.

Sahil Rangwala

07/12/2023, 2:18 PM
Hey @YSF! Just sent a dm 🙂 prefect duck