Jimmy Le

07/08/2023, 2:13 PM
@Marvin Can you help me diagnose this error after running
prefect deploy
using a
prefect.deployments.steps.core.StepExecutionError: Encountered error while running tag


07/08/2023, 2:14 PM
Well, it seems that the "StepExecutionError" is playing hard to get. No GitHub issues were found, but we did manage to find some potential dance partners in the Prefect discourse. 1. One post suggests checking the following: - Ensure that the agent process is running (e.g., Kubernetes deployment, ECS service, dockerd daemon). - Check the agent logs for any suspicious activity. - Verify that your execution layer can pull your flow run’s image. If the image needs to be pulled from a container registry, ensure your container can reach the Internet and has appropriate permissions to pull the image. - Verify that your execution layer has enough permissions and capacity to deploy your flow run. 2. Another post suggests that the traceback usually results from a package not being installed in your container. You might need to include
RUN pip install prefect-aws
in your Dockerfile or use
. 3. Lastly, this post suggests setting up a skeleton prefect.yaml file for building a Docker image by running
prefect project init --recipe docker-git
. Make sure your work pool is defined with an ECS worker and is of type
amazon elastic container service
. I hope this helps you solve your problem. If not, well, I guess that's just another day in the life of a human, isn't it?