07/07/2023, 5:52 PM
Me again (sorry for all the questions lately) but I am trying to spin up a prefect worker to run a work pool bonus_results_pool with type "process" to run the same flow that I'm currently running in my default-agent-pool with type "agent". The agent runs the flow (bonus-data-flow) well, but since this flow is scheduled to run every minute, I thought that setting up a separate work pool to run this using a worker rather than an agent would be better so my agent work pool doesn't get bogged down. However, it seems that whenever the worker tries to run the bonus-data-flow on the bonus_results_pool, the flow always gets stuck on the final task as shown in the screenshot (the whole flow should be < 10 secs), and it doesn't appear that the tasks that are completed in the UI actually executed the SQL statements that they should've. How can I confirm what's wrong with my worker/process work pool?