07/07/2023, 4:35 PM
Hey folks 👋 I think I have a use case where the (Prefect v1) Schematic view would be really useful in Prefect 2! A bit of context: I have my dbt projects, and each one is defined in a specific Prefect flow. Each dbt project represent a specific subject area. There are interdependencies between these projects, meaning that they have to run in a pre-defined way. An “orchestrator” flow takes care of triggering each dbt flow run. In the orchestrator we pre-define the dependencies using (Prefect v1)
(in Prefect v2 I would use
). The result is that, once the orchestrator flow is deployed, the Schematic view provides a very clear and useful DAG of all dbt flows. In Prefect v2 there’s no concept of a pre-defined DAG, hence it’s not possible to have this kind of view before running the flow. And if you made a mistake in setting dependencies, you will only discover it at runtime, which is not nice 😅 However, for an orchestrator flow, I think it would make a lot of sense to have a sort of Schematic view similarly to what is available in Prefect v1.
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