Edward at Evo

07/06/2023, 5:25 PM
So workers are equivalent to agents (more or less) and the new deployment model is with the YML file and guided CLI - are the legacy models (agents and deployments with python SKD or other) gonna be deprecated? Bonus - how does the interactive model fits into a CI/CD integration better than the legacy?
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Emil Christensen

07/06/2023, 5:28 PM
Great questions! There’s no planned deprecation for agents and non-CLI deployments. If they are deprecated we do have a policy of providing 6 months of deprecation notice.
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Bonus -> The interactive model isn’t the best for CI, however, the
file is designed to be optimal for CI. We’ll discuss that in the next lab. That, and we have top level CLI flag -
- intended to help in CI. For example,
prefect --no-prompt deploy
will ensure there are no interactive aspects. It can also be set as an env var.