Adi Gandra

07/05/2023, 3:05 AM
I'm trying to upgrade from prefect 1 to prefect 2. Currently my setup has a github action that builds my Dockerfile and runs that as a prod on Kubernetes. I was using DockerStorage and KubernetesRun. I'm trying to go for the easiest solution to get this running using Docker and ECS now. I already have my image built and pushed to AWS ECR. I now basically need a way to have ECS run it on a schedule everyday. Do I need to create a docker block (using DockerRegistry and DockerContainer)? What commands do I need to run to have this scheduled and auto spin up an ECS everyday to run.
Wanted to see if there is an easy example of using a Docker Image on ECR and then having ECS spin it up on a schedule


07/28/2023, 6:07 PM
Any update on this? I need to pull in ECR image for a docker infrastrucutre block