Simon Rascovsky

06/30/2023, 10:21 PM
Hi all, we will be closing this role opportunity next week so I wanted to make sure this community had a good chance to see it. I’m Simon, CTO of Alara Imaging, a US-based healthcare company in the medical imaging space. We’re working to bring siloed medical imaging data to the cloud, enabling modern technology companies to develop great products in a cloud-native way. Our medical imaging gateway-as-a-service provides secure, performant, bi-directional data flow between healthcare systems and cloud data workflows. We’re looking for a data workflow engineer with solid Prefect experience to develop and optimize sophisticated data workflows on our distributed fleet of IoT-based healthcare data gateways. We’d love to work with someone who loves Prefect as much as we do, and and enjoys squeezing every bit of functionality out of this great product! This is a US-based remote job with quite competitive compensation and benefits. If you’re interested please apply here or DM me if you have questions. Cheers!
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