Chris Reuter

06/26/2023, 6:21 PM
blob attention gif Reminder that we'll be hosting a livestream on deploying your workflows to production with Prefect. You'll see the new guided deployment experience. Follow along with the docs live as@George Coyne, @Sarah Krasnik and other surprise guests walk you through it on June 28th at 12p Eastern. Here's the link for the livestream: For a reminder, add to your calendar via the landing page.
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We're live at 12p Eastern time, in about 20 minutes! See 👀 you there!
Thanks to everyone who joined! Great attendance. It looks like there's an appetite for livestreams, so we'll publish a cadence and start running q&a in Slack versus on YouTube. Any requests for the next topic? 👇 post 'em below
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