Marco Barbero Mota

05/25/2023, 4:16 PM
Good morning everyone, I got a challenge for the community of prefect. Anyone could suggest a good strategy to create a website that grabs data from a google sheet and presents that data? Right now I have a google form where users would enter basic information. Ideally I would like to set a script that grabs the data from the google sheet every time a new users enters a new row or a change is made on the spreadsheet and displays it on a website ( designed on HTML/CSS). For now I have a basic script and design working but need to run it manually locally because the Google API credentials are pretty vulnerable as of now with something like GitHub. I was reading the block section from prefect and it seems like that functionality could solve some of these problems but i am still doubtful or where I could safely allocate the website files so they run on trigger as I detailed above.