Hi, I'm running an agent with arguments like `pref...
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Hi, I'm running an agent with arguments like
prefect agent start --pool data-qa
and some env vars (as set by prefect-agent helm). The agent picks up work from the queue and launches it fine, but the cancellations don't work. Looking at the agent code, there's a chain of calls: check_for_cancelled_flow_runs -> Agent.get_work_queues() -> update_matched_agent_work_queues() with the last one containing a condition on the whole method body:
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if self.work_queue_prefix:
and not doing anything otherwise. Since I don't set work_queue_prefix on the CLI, the agent ends up not matching any queues, so the flows in
state never get processed. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
-q default
to the CLI resolves the issue
Seems like a bug in inconsistent default queue handling between scheduling tasks and cancelling
Does sound like a bug! If you could open an issue that'd be great.