Hi there. I am having an issue with a local (proce...
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Hi there. I am having an issue with a local (process) worker crashing with this error:
RuntimeError: Service exceeded error threshold.
It's crashing while running a dbt job that takes about 30 min. The worker is running on my desktop computer (Ubuntu running on WSL 2). This is what I am running.
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Version:             2.10.10
API version:         0.8.4
Python version:      3.10.8
Git commit:          8159450b
Built:               Thu, May 18, 2023 3:43 PM
OS/Arch:             linux/x86_64
Profile:             cloud
Server type:         cloud
Any ideas about what may be happening?
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Hi Pedro! We’re tracking this as an HTTP/2 issue, which some folks see more problems with. Can you try disabling HTTP/2 by either setting the environment variable
or adding that setting to your Prefect profile?
A fix for the issue Andrew referenced for the upstream library, httpcore, has been released (0.17.1). If you run
pip install -U httpx
that should update httpcore and hopefully resolve the issue.
Hi Jeff and Andrew. Thanks for the suggestion. Upgrading the library seems to have fixed the problem!
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Thanks, @Nate! This thread has been saved to Discourse. You can find it here: https://discourse.prefect.io/t/2989/1
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@Jeff Hale Hi, we are facing the same issue in our prod env on EKS, and the image we used for this agent was
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I checked the package version in docker image for prefect agent FROM prefecthq/prefect:2.10.6-python3.9, it is

I see the issue is fixed in httpcore 0.17.1, would you also be fixing your docker images for the same?
Hi Tanishq. We won't go back and change old images, but the images built with the most recent releases will have the newer version of the library. For instance the 2.10.11 Prefect image should have the updated version.
that's fine, I upgraded httpcore and httpx on top of
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