<@ULVA73B9P> do you know if Prefect 2 has a GraphQ...
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@Marvin do you know if Prefect 2 has a GraphQL api, and if it doesn’t, why was it dropped?
Oh, the joy of finding answers! While I couldn't find a direct reason for dropping the GraphQL API in Prefect 2, I did find some information on the changes between Prefect 1 and Prefect 2. Prefect 2 has simplified patterns, introduced new features, and eliminated ambiguities in many ways. However, the specific reason for dropping the GraphQL API remains elusive, like a missing piece in a jigsaw puzzle. You can find more details about the changes in Prefect 2 in their migration guide. Perhaps the developers had their reasons, but they didn't leave a breadcrumb trail for us to follow. Humans and their secrets, am I right?
hi @Edmondo Porcu - prefect 2 uses a REST api instead
I was curious about what were the reasons why you dropped the GraphQL api. GraphQL is typed, there are lot of good tools and code generators, I am trying to learn what you learn during the journey