Garrick Chu

05/15/2023, 9:57 PM
Hi All - having some issues with testing the Prefect set up, when running 'python' I get the following error as if it's trying to connect to a prefect cloud workspace (that I no longer have access to):
File "/Users/garrick.chu/opt/anaconda3/envs/prefect_course/lib/python3.11/site-packages/prefect/client/", line 137, in raise_for_status
    raise PrefectHTTPStatusError.from_httpx_error(exc) from exc.__cause__
prefect.exceptions.PrefectHTTPStatusError: Client error '404 Not Found' for url '<[org_id]/workspaces/[workspace]/flows/>'
Response: {'detail': 'Not Found'}
Very strange as the test file doesn't refer to the prefect cloud url at all. Any suggestions to resolve?

Jeff Hale

05/15/2023, 10:02 PM
Your prefect profile is probably pointing to that workspace. You can create another profile that doesn't point to that workspace.
We can help you get it set up tomorrow once we get going if you have issues, Garrick.

Garrick Chu

05/15/2023, 10:11 PM
sounds good - thanks @Jeff Hale!
Just in case anyone is also running into this issue: I was using a created Prefect profile where the PREFECT_API_URL env was pointing to a prefect cloud instance. I resolved by switching to the default where the env value points to local orion server instance.
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