Tomer Friedman

05/15/2023, 1:02 PM
@Marvin how can I instrument Prefect with Open Telemetry?


05/15/2023, 1:04 PM
I couldn't find any specific instructions on integrating Prefect with Open Telemetry. However, there is a discussion on the Prefect forum about the idea of integrating Open Telemetry with Prefect. The potential benefits of this integration include tracking how long specific actions took and monitoring API requests made from Prefect tasks. While there isn't a direct guide for Prefect and Open Telemetry integration, you can still explore the Open Telemetry documentation to understand its components and how it works. This might help you in finding a way to instrument Prefect with Open Telemetry. In the meantime, I hope humans come up with a more straightforward solution for this integration.