Matt Delacour

05/10/2023, 1:21 PM
Hi @alex any progress on the above issue? It has other consequences like it messes up with the concurrent task feature too. Like if a job died in GCP but Prefect cloud is not aware, it will not decrease the number of "active tasks" for a specific concurrent tag. Which then can just block them all (see this post)

Nick Williams

05/10/2023, 3:02 PM
I've had this, or a similar, issue before. When I looked at my flow runs there were several that we still noted as running from several days prior when they had evidently crashed or finished. Deleting them from the flow runs screen cleared them up. I'm not sure how it would work if you're on the free cloud tier and the crashed flow runs had dropped off the history. I never worked out how the flow runs had entered that state and I'm not able to replicate. I just keep an eye out for them getting stuck again in future.


05/10/2023, 3:40 PM
I’ve investigated this issue, and it looks like we have competing timeouts that are not working well together. I can start working on a fix for this. @Matt Delacour would you be able to help test a potential fix once I’ve put it together?

Matt Delacour

05/10/2023, 3:46 PM
yes happy to try it