Good morning, everyone. So, I am planning on pitc...
# prefect-getting-started
Good morning, everyone. So, I am planning on pitching Prefect for internal use at my current company, but I would like some guidance on the best way to implement it. I know you can install prefect on windows, but I am having issues with the Deployment not liking the python install being C:\Program Files because of the space. Is it best to run prefect on Linux? If so, how can I deploy my scripts from a windows VSCode IDE to that Linux server? This may be a novice question, but I'm looking for the best practice to help my pitch. Thank you!
if your on windows use WSL 2
vscode on win can run python on wsl 2
That's what we do as well, seems to be the only decent way to run Python on Windows. Maybe Prefect runs alright in native Windows but lots of other packages won't.
hi @Jacob Kerber I'd agree with redsquare for local development, WSL2 is a decent option. Do you plan on containerizing your workflows? (kubernetes, ECS, other some other docker-based infrastructure) in that case, you could also run the Docker engine on windows locally and run your flows locally on containers, the advantage being that you could guarantee consistent environments between local and prod, disadvantage being that it'd require some docker knowledge - happy to share details on how that could look!
@Nate At the moment, we do not have any plans to move to containers, but that might be a talking point. I am looking into WSL2 now, but the one 2022 server i have doesn't seem to be enjoying the install. Thank you all for your input!