Upgrading to Prefect 2.0 - is there a good guide o...
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Upgrading to Prefect 2.0 - is there a good guide on how to convert a working
and turn it into one of the new
blocks? Looks like the arguments got rearranged a lot.
We rewrote this from scratch to try to solve longstanding complaints about ECS in Prefect 1
I’d recommend using the
as we’ll probably deprecate
in favor of that in the near future
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Do you have any specific questions?
Good to know!
I actually just got the
working, so not actually this sec! Unless you've got some example code handy for
(I don't see any in the docs?)
Oh! @Zanie Is there a Best Practice when it comes to when to make new Infra blocks vs Overrides? For instance, should I make a new Block for each Instance Type I wanna spin up? (
or whatever, which means a different Capacity Provider and all kinds of nonsense). Or should I just have 1, and then put Overrides in the Flow definition?
Or are they both fine?
The old way I used to do it, we had code that manipulated Python dictionaries and passed it to
- ideally there'd be a similar workflow!
There’s just https://prefecthq.github.io/prefect-aws/ecs_worker/ for the worker right now — it’s meant to be more UI driven. For creating new blocks vs overrides, it’s kind of personal preference and depends on how many fields you’re going to override. I originally intended for more blocks to be created but it turns out people often just want to tweak a couple items without registering a new block so we introduced the overrides.
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You can use
if you want to use Pydantic to parse a dictionary.
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