05/08/2023, 1:13 PM
Hello everyone, I have got a "zero trust" issue. I have a util method to get keyword parameters for task decorators.
def get_storage_parameters() -> Dict:
    return {
        "persist_result": True,
        "result_storage": where_to_store(), 
        # where_to_store function returns where to store 
        # e.g for dev env, we store the file in temporary local fs 
        # for prod maybe s3 buckets
        "result_serializer": JSONSerializer(jsonlib="json"),
I originally intended to use it as
My deployment environment [github workflows] does not actually need the credentials to the s3 buckets hence the credentials are not available to github. How would I bind the parameters dynamically only on the run time and not the deployment time? I know that the
could be used but I would have to implement the method on every usage of each and every task / also the code is really dirty with implementing
everywhere. How is the community handling secrets during deployment?
def stored_task():
    def task1():
        #actual task
        return #stuff
    return task1.with_options(**get_storage_parameters())()
I really hope I dont have to do something like this. 👀