Hi team, why is the deployments tab gone from the ...
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Hi team, why is the deployments tab gone from the UI? Is this a bug?
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Not a bug - Flows and Deployments pages have been merged into a single page
ohhh i get it
knee jerk reaction was that I hated it, but after taking a second and actually looking through it, this makes a lot of sense. Thanks!
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y'all are doing great work! have really enjoyed learning how to use prefect!
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Awesome! Really appreciate it & glad you've had a good experience.
Quite weird that such a big UI change is a only a x.x.PATCH version update 😕
Hey quassy, that matches our versioning scheme at https://docs.prefect.io/latest/contributing/versioning/#prefects-versioning-scheme — we only bump the x.MINOR.x version for new concepts or breaking changes. Since we left this page accessible via URL, we do not consider it a breaking change.
Considering many non-technical people use the UI and even I thought the page is completely gone it certainly feels like a breaking change.