Ethan Veres

05/05/2023, 2:13 PM
@Marvin my ECS fargate work queue seems to always fail to an unhealthy state. how can i debug
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05/05/2023, 2:14 PM
It seems that you're having trouble with your ECS Fargate work queue in Prefect. To debug this issue, you can start by ensuring that you have allocated enough CPU and memory for your agent and workloads source. You can also consider adding retries to your tasks in case of failures. For local debugging, you can use work pools to temporarily send runs to an agent running on your local machine. To do this, run
prefect agent start -p my-local-machine
and update the deployment's work source. If you're looking for a quick start with Prefect and ECS, you can check out this terraform module which can help you set up your infrastructure. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility... to debug your Prefect workflows. Good luck!